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Getting Through Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) Successfully: What You Can Do

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Some Basics But Essentials

Start applying these things immediately after detox.

Rule #1 - Rest all you can.

Sleep and rest is essential for all healing and this is no different. If you have insomnia because of PAWS, I get it! Don't think I make this rule flippantly. It's rule #1 because I think it's a necessary element for your healing. I've known people who try and start working out in the first week or two after detox. It usually doesn't go all that well. Just getting out for some walks in nature is often plenty. Even if you have a hard time sleeping, rest is just as important. Remember it's a journey. You can't expect to fully be where you envision yourself in that first month or so after getting clean. Be gentle with yourself.

Rule #2 - Clean your phone of all contacts that enable your use.

Block and then delete the numbers of dealers, people you've used with in the past, and people who might ask for help finding drugs. This can often be a painful process because sometimes these people are friends or closer. There can be conditions for some people that if they are clean in the future you may be able to continue a relationship. Otherwise they can't contact you. If you want to get clean and change your life, you have to start by changing your life in this way. Who you surround yourself with in life will come through in how you live yours. Trust this. You will be much more likely to transform yourself by doing this.

Rule #3 - Stay hydrated.

It's not uncommon that people don't have an appetite after detoxing for around a week. I largely tell people to honor this message from their body. In the first week after detox, it's ok not to eat like normal, but hydration is key! Everything works better when you're hydrated. If you aren't thirsty, drink anyway! Pee light yellow to clear and incorporate electrolytes 1-2 times a day. Most people know about Emergen-C, but I really like Power Pak by Trace Minerals Research Group. It's got a nice mineral profile and trace minerals which you won't get in other electrolyte powders.

If you're a patient you can order it at a discount through our online medicinary, Fullscript.

Or you can get it here:

Rule #4 - Feeding Yourself Well

Once your appetite starts returning to normal after detox, starting to get nutrition in will help you feel better faster. Eat a whole foods diet that is mostly plants. The more fruits, vegetables, and legumes you eat, the better. This is where you will get the majority of the fiber, vitamins, and minerals you need to get your body systems working optimally again.