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Like Cures Like

A Little Goes A Long Way

Homeopathy is a gentle, yet powerful approach to healing. A system of medicine now a couple centuries old, homeopathy stimulates the body and mind to return to a state of balance.

We use it to help:

  • Both Children (even newborns) and Adults

  • Mental, Emotional, and Physical Complaints


Nearly all troubles, whether physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, or mental, can either benefit or sometimes be completely eliminated using this wonderful medicine.

When using homeopathy to promote healing, we take into account all aspects of your nature, temperament and personality, along with the symptoms you want resolved.  A homeopathic medicine is then chosen which fits your specific constitution and present needs.  

Some of Dr. Blake's earliest successes with homeopathy were the resolution of debilitating conditions. A few examples include:


An unexplained, crippling autoimmune-like condition in a young woman resolved in a matter of a few months and hasn't returned in 8 years.

A teenager who missed more than 50% of school due to severe migraines and IBS.

A woman who was believed by neurologists to have multiple sclerosis which was rapidly progressing and had a complete reversal of her symptoms within a couple of months.

These results and the consistent improvements in other patients under homeopathic care have led Dr. Blake to make homeopathy a primary focus of their practice.

If you're interested in using classical homeopathy to improve your health, schedule an appointment at the link below.

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