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Who Is Dr. Blake?

Dr. Blake is a naturopathic doctor, author, and graduate level instructor who lives in Taos, NM, USA, and uses they/them pronouns. 


They were a medic in the U.S. Army and trained at Bastyr University in Washington state, which is a 4 year, post graduate medical program where both conventional and natural therapeutic applications are taught.

Currently, Chiron Healing Arts is an all virtual clinic. Dr. Blake is also faculty at Saybrook University, where they teach in the Integrative and Functional Nutrion Department.

Dr. Blake knows everyone was brought into this world for unique reasons and to play unique roles in their family, community, and the world. 

When chronic pain or illness is present, it stands in the way of that full potential being expressed. 

It can inhibit us from living our best lives.


A staunch believer in the healing capacity of each body, mind, and spirit, Dr. Blake has studied and developed an approach to health that optimizes the ways that the body is able to become well, even after decades of illness.


Beyond this, they use up-to-date science to assess for underlying causes of illness and pain. 

If you address these root problems,

the body will move in a direction of healing.


Dr. Blake embodies compassion and empathy,  

and is a true ally & light bearer 

for those on a healing journey.

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