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Contrast Hydrotherapy Protocol

This is a protocol of alternating hot and cold water to an affected area and sometimes the whole body. The bigger the difference in temperature, the stronger the effect.

Materials You’ll Need (Differs Depending on the Region Being Treated):

Two Bowls or Buckets (Something Large Enough to Submerge the Area)

Shower Head (Best is One That Removes)

Ice (If You’re Making the Water That Cold)



Warm/Hot Water: 3-5 minutes

Cold Water: 30 seconds to 1 minute

Repeat x2

Description of Procedure: You want to start with hot water and either submerge the area or keep a steady flow of hot water over the affected part. It doesn’t need to be painful hot, just hot enough to bring blood flow to the skin. You’ll know it’s working because the skin will turn red. Then… the cold.

The good medicine is really in the cold application. The cold flushes out the area and the body quickly sends blood to the area. Don’t go beyond a minute because, assuming the water is pretty cold, you will start to suppress blood flow. This is the opposite of our goal. Alternate back to warm. You repeat the process 3 times at least once a day. Twice is better. Three times, well, you’re a rock star!

Enjoy.... ; )

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