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Chiron Healing Arts

Naturopathic Care

from Anywhere

Expertise On How To Heal

Access Regardless of Location:

Being from small town Iowa, I know all too  well what the access to quality care looks like in the rural setting.


Outside of acute or emergency treatment, there is often little offered in the way of explanation of the cause of illness, let alone how to resolve it and heal.  

Naturopathic medicine is focused on addressing root cause, removing obstacles to cure, and stimulating the bodies natural healing mechanisms.  

Chiron Healing Arts can bring you answers and treatment options regardless of where you call home.

How It Works:

1. Schedule an Appointment 

2. Fill Out the Online Intake Forms

3. Download Our HIPAA Compliant,

     Privacy  Secured App

4. Have Your First Video Visit

5. Begin Your Individualized Healing



6. Start Feeling Better and Living Life

     on Your Terms 


Symptoms We Work With The Most

  • Pain, Both Acute and Chronic


  • Insomnia or Other Sleep Issues

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive/Gut Problems

  • Autoimmune Conditions  

  • Anxiety       

  • Skin Issues

  • Headaches of All Kinds

The Chiron Approach

Step 1

  • Gather Information

  • Run Labs

  • Constitutional Assesment

Step 2

  • Build Foundations

  • Strengthen Weakened Systems

  • Stimulate Innate Healing Mechanisms

Step 3

  • Follow the Road Map of Symptoms

  • Walk the Journey with Guidance

  • Adjust Treatment Plan to Reach the Next Stage

Step 4

  • Maintain with Foundations of Care

  • Enjoy Life

  • Live with Decreased Limitations

Some of Our Tools

Herbal Medicine


Using the Relationship of the Human Organism to the Plant World in a Way that Supports the Health and Longevity of Both

Nutrient Therapy


Replenishing Deficiencies and Providing the Body with the Most Essential Pieces for the Individual Case

Determinates of Health


Optimizing Sleep, Movement, Rest, Relationship, Food, Spirituality



A Constitutional Approach that Stimulates Your Body to Heal Using Its Innate Mechanisms

Ceremony & Ritual


Regardless of Spiritual or Religious Belief, Rituals and Ceremonies are Vital to Finding Meaning and Direction in Life



By Becoming Body Aware, You Can Learn to Change How Your Body and Mind Respond to the World

Advanced Functional Labs


Beyond the Typical Window Into the Body's Functioning, these Lab Tests Give Specific, In Depth, Treatable Results

Genetic SNP Testing


Taking a Look for Specific Genetic Mutations When a Finer Lense is Needed

Important Disclaimer:

Dr. Blake Myers and any other practitioners you may work with from Chiron Healing Arts are not acting as your doctor when solely accessing them via virtual visits. There will not be any diagnosing or treatment of specific conditions. Rather, by choosing to work with Chiron Healing Arts and its practitioners, you are contracting them as an expert to give their impressions of your overall state of health and recommendations you can choose to implement to support your overall health and wellness. While these recommendations are aimed at supporting your body's healing mechanisms, and improvement in specific health conditions may ensue, we make no claim or guarantee of the results or cure of any health conditions.

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