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A Deep Healing Approach

What We're About

Chiron Healing Arts uses a unique process that provides people suffering with chronic and unexplained illness a path forward. Too often the medical system just throws medications at people without assessing the cause. Then when the medications don't  work, the patient is blamed.  There's a better way.

Chiron Healing Arts is focused first on naturopathic approach to healing.  Our method supports the parts of your body which are essential for healing to take place. We prioritize helping you feel better quickly while also fixing the underlying causes, so that the results last and you can live a transformed life.

Patient's coming to Chiron Healing Arts can expect a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.  We are a healing space.  You will be seen, heard, and accepted for who you are. 


Many people before working with us:

  • Haven't Felt Listened To or Trusted That Their Experience is Real

  • Have Currently Unexplained Symptoms

  • Many Symptoms Which Confuse Doctors and/or Are Treated Separately from Each Other

  • Haven't Gotten Improvement with Conventional Approaches

At Chiron Healing Arts, your experience will be taken seriously and a personalized plan will be created to get you functioning and back to doing the things you love the most.

The Chiron Approach

A Deep Dive Into Your Health

Step 1

  • Gather Information

  • Run Labs

  • Constitutional Assesment

Step 2

  • Build Foundations

  • Strengthen Weakened Systems

  • Address Causative Factors

  • Stimulate Innate Healing Mechanisms

Step 3

  • Follow the Road Map of Symptoms

  • Walk the Journey with Guidance

  • Adjust Treatment Plan to Reach the Next Stage

Step 4

  • Maintain with Foundations of Care

  • Enjoy Life

  • Live with Decreased Limitations

Some of Our Tools

Herbal Medicine


Using the Relationship of the Human Organism to the Plant World in a Way that Supports the Health and Longevity of Both



A Constitutional Approach that Stimulates Your Body to Heal Using Its Innate Mechanisms

Hands-On Therapy


Combining Myofascial, Visceral Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy, to Help Balance the Nervous System and Improve Chronic Pain 

Nutrient Therapy


Replenishing Deficiencies and Providing the Body with the Most Essential Pieces for the Individual Case

Determinates of Health


Optimizing Sleep, Movement, Rest, Relationship, Food, Spirituality



By Becoming Body Aware, You Can Learn to Change How Your Body and Mind Respond to the World

Advanced Functional Labs


Beyond the Typical Window Into the Body's Functioning, these Lab Tests Give Specific, In Depth, Treatable Results

Genetic SNP Testing


Taking a Look for Specific Genetic Mutations When a Finer Lense is Needed

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