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Providing the Missing Links in Addiction Care and Recovery

Center for

Integrative Addiction Medicine


What We're About

Chiron Healing Arts' Center for Integrative Addiction Medicine fills a missing role in conventional addiction treatment and recovery.  

We believe in an integrative, holistic, and personalized approach to health and healing.  The treatment of addiction and substance use disorders should be no different.

Aside from medication assisted therapies, we use naturopathic therapies to address the neurological, hormonal, and other physiologic imbalances that were initial contributors to use and/or caused by long term use.

These are primary obstacles to cure and are major risks for relapse if left unaddressed. Resolving these issues makes the other treatment aspects you are doing such as counseling and groups more effective. 

Patient's coming to Chiron Healing Arts can expect a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.  We can help you get clean, manage withdrawal symptoms during weaning, or work with you directly after detox to help:

  • Decrease Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) Time and Intensity

  • Get Back to Healthy Function Quicker

  • Resolve Chronic Issues Contributing to Relapse, like Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and Pain

  • Pave the Way for the Whole and Authentic You

The Chiron Approach

Step 1

Stabilize, Eliminate Cravings and Prevent Relapse

Step 2

Decrease PAWS time and intensity using our unique protocols.

Step 3

Begin either inpatient rehab, IOP, or individual counseling and groups.

Step 4

Resolve Chronic Issues Contributing to Relapse and Limitiations in Your Life

Some of Our Tools

Medication Assisted Therapy


Long-acting Naltrexone (Vivitrol), Antabuse, Other Supportive Medications for Substance Use Disorder and Dependence.

Prevents cravings and relapse.

Naturopathic Medicine


Combining the Wisdom of Healing Passed Down Through Generations with the Best of Modern Medicine.

Herbal Medicine, Nutrients, & More

Hands-On Therapy


Combining Myofascial, Visceral Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy, to Help Balance the Nervous System and Improve Chronic Pain 



By Becoming Body Aware, You Can Learn to Change How Your Body and Mind Respond to the World

Nervous System Balancing


Getting the Body and Mind in a Receptive State for Sleep, Clarity, and Healing to Take Place

Advanced Functional Labs


Beyond the Typical Window Into the Body's Functioning, these Lab Tests Give Specific, In Depth, Treatable Results

We Have 2 Options for Care

Membership or Per Visit

Membership Option

Our Investment In You

All Primary Visits at No Extra Charge

(Hands-On Therapy, Biofeedback Series, and Injection Therapies not included)

Doctor On-call

Medicinary Discount

Electronic Visits 

Wholesale Labs

Extended Visits

Advanced Functional Lab Testing



Access to Professional Grade Supplements


 Fullscript™️ Online Medicinary

Membership Not for You?

Simply Pay Per Visit

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