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Our Injection Treatments

Trigger Point Injections


Often a Contributor or Cause of Pain, This Treatment Typically Relieves Pain Immediately and Can Be Long Lasting

Scar Treatment

Decrease Scar Size and Appearance of Scars Through Specific Scar Modifying Techniques

Fascial Adhesions


Similar to a Scar and Common After Surgery or Injury, Injections Can Break Up Painful or Limiting Adhesions and Stimulate Regeneration of the Tissue in a Healthy Pattern

Perineural Injection Therapy


Minimally Invasive, this Approach Breaks and Resets the Pain Signally Pathway from the Cutaneous (Skin) Nerves



This technique is used to stimulate regeneration of tendon and ligament tissues which are degenerating and causing pain.

Injection Therapies

Stopping Pain and Preventing Recurrence:


Needles are a specific tool for a specific job.  Our goal with pain is to determine what specific structures are causing the pain.  We then treat that specific area or cause.

The solutions we inject are designed to break the  pain pathway and "reset" the nerve signal to the area, as well as stimulate the body to regenerate healthy tissue.

This often results in rapid pain reduction but importantly, aims at resolving the issue so that you can live your life freely, without pain and the limitation of the body. 

Regenerative Medicine:

The body has the ability to heal. Sometimes it just needs to be stimulated to do so.

After surgeries, injuries, and for other reasons, tissues such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons can deteriorate or repair improperly.  

The solutions we inject are specifically formulated to stimulate the body to regenerate healthy tissue in a specific area.  We can stimulate the body to generate new, healthy tendon and ligament tissue for example (often a cause of significant pain).

This healing results in decreased pain and increased function.


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