Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email invite to sign into the patient portal.  Here you will be able to access all of your medical information and also securely and privately communicate with your provider.  

Before The First Visit:

Fill out the questionnaires in the patient portal. Aside things like signing informed consent and privacy policy documents, there is an in depth health intake.  Please fill this out.  This saves time and can also help to narrow in on specific areas in the first visit that might otherwise get left out.

First Visit:

90 minutes; Largely an information gathering session and physical exam to understand causation and treatment approaches.  We order labs if necessary to help with diagnosis and instate our initial treatment plan.

Follow Up Visits:

30-45  minutes; Checking in on primary symptoms and assess efficacy of our  treatment approach.  We then modify as necessary keep you on the healing trajectory.

If you don't fill out the electronic forms ahead of time, you will need to arrive ~45 minutes early.

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