What do you specialize in?

First and foremost, we specialize in the human condition and how disease manifests itself and how it is healed. From that end, we see and treat all health conditions. A few areas we have focus in are addictions, chronic and unexplained illnesses, and pain. However, we have treated everything from eczema and IBS, to headaches, to autoimmune disease, and in all ages. Homeopathy is a specialty treatment often used at Chiron Healing Arts as well.

How is your approach different than other doctors?

Chiron Healing Arts helps in resolving health issues, while many other medical approaches just try to make the symptoms improve without really addressing the underlying causes. The human body wants to be healthy and in a state of balance. It's always trying. When it's not able to accomplish that, there are painful or other uncomfortable symptoms and usually obstacles in the way of healing. By removing obstacles, supporting the systems that facilitate healing, and stimulating the vitality of an individual, healing and freedom often ensue.  Illness resolution and health restoration are our aim.

How does your membership work?

The membership model allows all primary visits, doctor on-call, discounted herbs and supplements, electronic visits, texting your doctor, and more for a flat monthly fee. As opposed to the typical fee-for-service model, a membership offers the greatest amount of access and value without paying out of pocket for every service and visit. It's ideal for those who want consistent ongoing care and for those who want to really go deep to resolve their health issues.

Do you take insurance?

In the interest of providing optimal care and having the time necessary to deliver the level of care our patient's expect, Chiron Healing Arts does not directly contract with insurance.  However, a special invoice called a superbill can be provided for each visit.  This says the services rendered and the fee associated.  You  can submit this to your insurance carrier for out-of-network reimbursement.  Just be  sure  to call and ask your insurance company what  their out-of-network reimbursement rates are.  Note: Our memberhsips, where your visits are included, cannot be submitted to insurance via Washington state law.

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