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Your pain is real.  It deserves care and attention.  Not just pills and a 10 minute visit. Chiron Healing Arts brings an approach to chronic pain that is always focused on treating the cause.  Healing that cause is the goal.  We employ an eclectic range of therapies and tools to help you be functional again and start living and loving your life.

Chiron Healing Arts focuses first on naturopathic medicine.  This combines the wisdom of healing passed down through generations with the best of modern medicine.  This ensures that we always use up-to-date information, guided by the keen observation and knowledge of those who came before us.

With our growing network, we will refer based on our assessments for any specialized skills we do not currently provide.

Patient's coming to Chiron Healing Arts can expect a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.  We are a healing space.  You will be seen, heard, and accepted for who you are. 


Many people who work with us:

  • Haven't Felt Listened To or Trusted That Their Experience is Real

  • Have Currently Unexplained Symptoms

  • Many Symptoms Which Confuse Other Doctors and/or Are Treated Separately from Each Other

  • Haven't Gotten Improvement with Conventional Approaches

Some of Our Tools

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1 time $100 Sign On Fee

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All Primary Visits at No Extra Charge

All Primary Visits at No Extra Charge

(Hands-On Therapy, Biofeedback Series, and Injection Therapies not included)

Medicinary Discount

Wholesale Labs

Doctor On-call

Electronic Visits 

Extended Visits

Advanced Functional Lab Testing



Access to Professional Grade Supplements


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$300 first visit


$150 follow up visits

(HSA & FSA Accepted)

(Invoice can be provided for Out-of-Network Reimbursement)

30% Discount for Medicaid, Veterans, and Students

(Paying at Time of Service)

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