The Chiron Healing Art's membership model, also known as direct care, allows all primary visits, a doctor on-call, discounted herbs and supplements, electronic visits, texting your doctor, and more. As opposed to the typical fee-for-service model, a membership offers the greatest amount of access and value without paying out of pocket for every service and visit. It's ideal for those who want consistent ongoing care and for those who want to really go deep to resolve their health issues.

Our Investment In You

All Primary Visits Included at No Extra Charge

(Hands-On Therapy, Biofeedback Series, and Injection Therapies not included)

Medicinary Discount

Wholesale Labs

Doctor On-call

Electronic Visits 

Extended Visits

Advanced Functional Lab Testing



Access to Professional Grade Supplements


 Fullscript™️ Online Medicinary

Let Healing Begin

Membership Not for You?

Simply Pay Per Visit

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