Dr. Blake Myers, ND

My Practice Philosophy

Healing is often a journey and I believe in walking that path with my patients.  I practice medicine with a very personalized approach. By taking the time to know my patients and understand their unique experiences and orientation to the world, I tailor a treatment approach that is both individualized and supportive to their lifestyle.  I believe deeply that having a strong doctor-patient relationship is essential to the success of my patients in meeting their health goals and healing from disease.  I bring an in depth knowledge of medicine based in both pathophysiology as well as constitutional approaches.  This allows me to implement comprehensive treatment plans that give a more holistic approach to health and healing.

Primary care and chronic illness was how by career began. Then, in January 2017  I started working in addiction medicine.  I began with learning accelerated opiate detox protocols working with The Coleman Institute and my friend and practice partner, Barb Mendrey, MD.  My interests quickly grew into supporting people's brains and overall physiology rehabilitate faster after detox.  People are often expected to get clean and sober, go to counseling, and somehow heal without their neurotransmitters, hormones, and other systems functioning appropriately.  I now also fill this missing piece in standard addiction care.  


I created Chiron Healing Arts to address the many gaps in medical care that are essential for healing.  I endeavor to bring science and art together - to witness the magic of the healing process unfold.

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